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Buy HTML5 Games

In the market to buy HTML5 games? Everything you need is right below – take a look. HTML5 games are powerful modern tools for creating user engagement, accelerating brand growth, and of course: printing money. Leading brands have earned millions of dollars with our games and you can easily add them to your platform too! We make it plain simple to buy HTML5 games at affordable prices.

True Valhalla is a dedicated HTML5 game development studio with a global audience of 70+ million customers worldwide. Contact Us today to become a valued partner.

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Featured Games

Battleships – PLAY NOW

Battleships is a modern twist on the classic game of chance and tactics. Compete against realistic computer opponents with various play styles.

Pet Round Up – PLAY NOW

Dozens of adorable pets have escaped and it’s your job to round them up! Capture mischievous kittens and puppies before they go into hiding.

Danger Light – PLAY NOW

See how good your memory really is in this intergalactic puzzle game. Watch the flashing lights and repeat the sequence when it’s finished.

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How It Works

Since our HTML5 games are specially designed to support mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers alike you can play them from any device within reach. HTML5 is the only technology that offers such broad cross-platform functionality in today’s increasingly interconnected digital world. There’s nothing quite like it.

Unlike regular mobile games, HTML5 games don’t need to be installed on your phone and they aren’t locked behind corporate-controlled ecosystems such as the App Store or Google Play. If a user wants to keep playing HTML5 games they have to keep returning to your website – and you’ll retain 100% of the revenue they generate! HTML5 games are fantastic tools for building a loyal audience and generating leads.

This combination of factors is what makes HTML5 games so incredibly valuable to modern brands who are seeking to reclaim or expand their mobile presence, or engage a mobile-orientated audience.

Our studio specialises in HTML5 game development and we have created a large portfolio of premium HTML5 games that you can buy today. Each of our HTML5 games is available to license for a one-time fee and we offer discounts for bulk purchases (or you can Hire Us to make custom HTML5 games from scratch). Explore our catalog below to find your favorite games.

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Once you’re ready to take the next step, simply Contact Us for a fast quote and more information. If you’re not sure which games to buy, make a request for a specific type of game or ask for a recommendation based on your target audience. Our friendly staff are always willing to help.

We trust you’ll have as much fun playing our HTML5 games as we have making them ✨



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