A major update to the Mobility Engine will be available shortly. Existing customers will receive the update at no additional cost.

Mobility Engine is an advanced GameMaker Studio 1.4 project file that solves a variety of display issues in HTML5 games. It can easily be added to existing GMS 1.4 projects or it can be used as the foundation for new games.

Effective display management is absolutely vital when you’re working with a cross-platform format.


Here’s what the Mobility Engine does:icon-mech

  • Introduces advanced mobile scaling functionality to GameMaker Studio
  • Detects & manages changes to device orientation
  • Attempts to dismiss obstructive browser elements
  • Independently centers the game canvas

It includes:

  • Multiple display modes to choose from
  • Powerful mobile ad system
  • Security features
  • Handy manual

Plus, you get free updates for life and friendly personalized support.

Checkout – Mobility Engine

A license to use the Mobility Engine costs $129.95 USD. To use the Mobility Engine you must also own GameMaker Studio Professional and the HTML5 export module, or GameMaker Studio Master Collection.

Please place your order by clicking the button below, and checkout via credit card or PayPal. You will immediately be sent a copy of the engine.



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