Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for July 2012.

icon-coinsI really couldn’t have asked for a better month – July has been simply incredible. My online income has exceeded all expectations yet again, setting another consecutive record. I’ve worked so much over the past 7 months and that effort is certainly shown by what I’ve achieved this month.

July Online Earnings

$15 (+$5) – Myriad Online donations
$60 – Mobility Engine sales
$320 – Book sales
$900 – HTML5 partnered earnings
$5100 (+$2963) – HTML5 earnings

During July 2012 I earned a total of $6395 (+$4128) online! That makes this the first month where I’ve earned more than my parents.

eBook Sales

Early in the month I decided to start accepting pre-orders for my upcoming eBook, Making Money With HTML5. I’m surprised and humbled by the initial response, and while selling 16 copies may not seem like much, to me that’s huge. Given the price tag of $19.99, the eBook pre-orders also contributed a substantial amount to this month’s earnings.

HTML5 Partnership

Last month I mentioned that I was setting up partnerships with talented developers that were interested in monetizing their HTML5 mobile games. The idea being that they would make the game, I would sell it to my contacts, and we’d share the proceeds. Well, the first sales have started coming in and it’s going very well. The partnered HTML5 revenue this month represents my share only, for a single game which has a long way to go.

As more of these partnerships come into fruition my HTML5 portfolio will continue to grow. Being able to license many games as a bundle will allow me to establish more deals at higher prices, to the benefit of all parties.

I’ve purposely chosen highly competent developers to work with so that I can minimize the need to micromanage them. At first I was worried that I might have been wasting my time with this idea but in the end it all came down to finding the right people to work with. I really enjoy this setup, and working with others is always more interesting than working alone.

My HTML5 Earnings

As you can see, my own HTML5 mobile games have performed well this month.

The majority of my HTML5 earnings this month are fueled by simple circumstance and nothing particularly special. A certain publisher that I had not been in contact with for a long time became available again, and decided to license all of my recent work. I also sold a bundle of games to a new publisher which was quite a lucrative deal.

The HTML5 market has expanded quite substantially this month, with multiple new publishers entering the scene. I’m currently working to set up a variety of new deals, including a licensing agreement that will see some of my games placed on the website of a major corporation. I can’t say much about it yet, but it’s pretty exciting.

I’ve also decided to start edging back in to mobile ads, and after some research I settled on a service called LeadBolt. Hopefully they turn out to be more reliable than AdSense.

What’s Next?

August is going to be a really busy month. I’ll be spending a lot of time on my eBook and hopefully it will be ready to publish soon. I’m expecting to launch a few more partnered games too, and of course I have to try and maintain my own HTML5 earnings.

On the iOS/Android front, my app hasn’t really progressed much lately but my team is still working on it. I’m also resuming development of my major project Myriad Online after a 3 month hiatus, so I definitely don’t have a lack of programming to do during August.

Thanks for reading!


  • Molinware says:

    If it’s not ask much…
    How much do you charge for the non-exclusive licenses?

  • Stunning. I have no words for how proud I am of you! Hope to get where you are soon as well.

  • Cash says:

    This is very interesting. Do you plan to have affiliates promote your ebook? Am definitely ordering one soon.

    • That’s certainly something I’m considering, yes. Since this is such a niche product though, I’m not entirely sure how well that’ll go.

  • Pixel8ed72 says:

    That is absolutely amazing!
    Great job mate!
    It goes to show what can be done with a little effort.

  • Denifia says:

    Great work mate. I love reading these posts and I’m looking forward to working with you :D

  • newkill says:

    Hey TV, that’s cool news! I was wondering, when you “sell your game to your contacts”, do they get full rights on it? Does your name still appears as the creator of thoses games? And, where can we go to play these games? :P

    • I typically only sell non-exclusive licenses, so I maintain the right to sell to multiple publishers. My own branding is removed most of the time, but sometimes I am credited on the game page. I currently don’t have the games listed anywhere but I’m working on putting up a page!

  • Terrified Virus says:

    This is insane. Brilliant. I will have to buy the mobility engine soon, it will make a perfect combination with your book :)

  • FAAAEBS says:

    Wow, congratulations Matthew. I see you have made over twice the money you made last month, and that this month hasn’t even finished. I hope you continue getting this much income, and that you make more games, because they work really well on mobile phones, which is the reason why I play a lot of your games.