Each month I publish a fully transparent income report that documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for December 2012.

This time last year I was taking my very first steps into the world of commercial HTML5 content, not knowing that it would eventually lead me to this position just a year later. Now I’m a self-employed business owner that works with multi-million/billion dollar companies on a daily basis. I still make games for a living, but I’ve been able to diversify too.

December Online Earnings

$21 (-$9) – Myriad Online earnings
$220 ($180) – Book sales
$325 (+$25) – Licensing
$338 (-$451) – HTML5 personal earnings
$394 (+$386) – Advertising
$1675 (+$925) – HTML5 partnered earnings

During December 2012 I earned a total of $2973 (+$581) online!

This has been an interesting month, and given that I expected my overall online earnings to be quite low it has also been a nice surprise.


It has been worthwhile trying to monetize my sites with direct ad sales instead of traditional banner ads. Not only has it been more profitable, but I’ve been able to maintain better control over what appears on my sites. I plan to continue to focus on direct ad sales in the future, though given that these ads usually push my own ads out of view this is not a high priority.


There is a significant difference between my personal HTML5 earnings and my partnered HTML5 earnings this month. This is actually a very good thing to see, and should become the trend over the following months. I’ve taken on the role of a publisher by monetizing HTML5 games for my partners, and so far it has worked out really nicely. I’m saving a ton of time which I’ve been able to utilize elsewhere, and for the most part I’ve automated a vital part of my business. While my partnered HTML5 earnings are not quite a passive income stream, they are pretty close.

This aspect of the HTML5 market is an example of just how open this field currently is. Since there are no decent places to find sponsorships or revenue shares, I’m able to utilize my large contact list to the benefit of myself and my partners. There are plenty of voids like this waiting to be filled.


My book, Making Money With HTML5, was meant to be finished during December, but that hasn’t happened.

Importantly, a lot of progress was made. I’m down to writing the final sections of the book and it will be ready to go in the coming weeks. My editor may be unavailable during this time so I’m not exactly sure how polished the final product will be, though the digital format encourages revisions and updates so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll be sending out a mass email to collect crediting info soon, and come the New Year I will be spending quite a few long days in front of the computer to finish the book as soon as possible. The HTML5 games market is still very active, and 2013 will be a very exciting and profitable year for many of you that have ordered Making Money With HTML5.

What’s Next?

My upcoming plans are basically identical to last month: finish my book and resume work on Myriad Online. I do have some important deals coming into fruition, so I’m expecting sizable HTML5 earnings during January. Despite this, the holiday season is actually really slow for business. It’s difficult to get in contact with people, often until late January.

Luckily my newest passive income stream is finally kicking into gear to help compensate. I’ve briefly discussed mobile advertising in earlier posts, and now I’m starting to see some substantial mobile ad revenue. I’ll discuss the results of this in the near future.

That’s all for this month though! I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year – thank you for following my journey through 2012.


  • sabo says:

    One year done phew.

  • Dick Scott says:

    Thank´s for sharing true figures in this hyped business with online income. I think it´s possible for anyone who focus and have patience to earn some money on the net even if it´s not so easy or fast as many gurus say. Keep up the good work!

  • Infinite says:


    Your numbers seem inflated. Where are these big partnered earnings from? Not many websites want HTML 5 games that I’ve seen.


    • My partnered earnings are from the same sources (mobile games portals/companies) I’ve been working with through 2012. You may not know many websites that want HTML5 games, but I do. None of these values are inflated.

  • Marc says:

    Wow, pretty awesome figures, your blog inspired me to take Game Maker more seriously.
    Im currently developing tower defence game, I have set up strick deadline that this process cannot take longer than 1 month.

  • Lewis Saka says:

    Impressive figures for December. December can be quiet for some online entrepreneurs because of limited time due to the festive period. Do you have any plans to further diversify your income streams or does the niche your in limit you in any way?

    • I honestly expected this to be quite a slow month, given how many contacts went on holiday. Perhaps January will reflect that.

      I certainly plan to diversify further during 2013, though I need to give this some thought. There are a few ways to diversify without much effort on my part, so I just need to devote a bit of time to that.

      I’ll be following your new site, by the way. Best of luck with it.

  • Samuel says:

    I wanted to ask, how should I keep the motivation to keep on developing a game idea. I realized that when I start making games, I always quit them because of lack of motivation. Could u give me some advice?