Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for July 2013.

What I Did In July

July has been a chaotic month for me. I unexpectedly had a chance to move houses, so I did. Much of my time and energy has of course gone into that draining process, and not all of my plans for July came into fruition. But, that’s OK; moving to a new house has its benefits. I’m in the process of setting up my own dedicated home office, and I’m certain I will be healthier and more productive here.

I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s been an productive month. Let’s start from the beginning.

Just three days into July, I decided to withdraw from the competition that I was making Aeon Chapters for. The competition was being managed and executed so badly that even the huge prize pool couldn’t keep me around. It got to the point where it was simply impossible for me to finish Aeon Chapters by the competition deadline due to crippling problems that were out of my control. Despite withdrawing from the competition, I will still be working on this game for the foreseeable future. It just isn’t a high priority project, it’s one I will work on when I need a break from everything else.

So, I suddenly had an entire month free, with no plans to work on anything specific. I decided to focus on acquiring new clients and on refining some of my existing properties and products. I made improvements to my other website, Game Maker Blog, I finished updating my HTML5 games portfolio, and I created and distributed an update for my Mobility Engine. Most of my time was spent clearing small tasks from my to-do list that I had been avoiding for too long.

My biggest success of the month was my latest HTML5 game, called Aquatic. It was made within 48 hours, and went on to earn over $2000 within a week. I wrote a short analysis of Aquatic yesterday, and I’m planning to challenge myself to create new HTML5 games within 48 hours more frequently. I really enjoyed working on this game and it reminded me that I don’t have to be so reliant on content provided by my HTML5 partners.

Finally, I began work on a small-scale secret project that I’m hoping will be popular. I can’t share any details on it yet, but it’s not the type of game I usually make so it’s new territory for me. I’m hoping it will be one of my first games to see some kind of viral success. It’s a concept that I believe has the potential to be popular if it’s well-received. I’m not monetizing the game, I’m making it solely because I want to. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of next month and I can stop being so vague!

And that’s just about everything. During the last half of the month I started moving houses and have been preoccupied with that ever since (which explains this late income report, sorry about that!)

Income Report

July was a bit of a surprise, in that I didn’t expect it to be my best month of the year so far (even beating out April’s huge numbers). The main contributing factor was that most of the HTML5 licenses I sold this month were for my own games as opposed to my partnered games. This has occurred in the past, where a client is seeking the types of games that an individual developer just happens to create consistently. This month, many of my games were a good fit for a new client, and Aquatic sold well in general, contributing to over 25% of my total online income by itself this month.

Increased website and mobile advertising revenue, and another strong month of book sales, rounded out July nicely.

$86 (+$66) – Affiliate referrals
$202 (+$200) – Website advertisements
$230 (-$60) – Licensing
$620 (-$35) – Book sales
$853 (+$54) – HTML5 mobile advertisements
$5215 (+$1416) – HTML5 sponsorships

During July 2013 I earned a total of $7206 (+$1641) online!

What’s Next?

I’m going to make sure that August is a very productive month. There’s a lot of work I want to get through. I’m going to heavily focus on HTML5 and make a few new games within 48 hour periods of time. I doubt they will all see the same level of success that Aquatic did, but it’s about time I added some new titles of my own to my portfolio. I also plan to complete and launch my secret project, and start marketing it.

I’m also going to host a new giveaway. I mentioned this last month, but I didn’t get around to it. Subscribe to my newsletter below to be notified when it starts. I’m planning to give away a copy of GameMaker Studio Professional and a few extras.

Aside from that, it should be a pretty standard month. Oh, there’s also an upcoming Ludum Dare competition, so that’ll be fun. I hope to see a few of you there!

Thank you for reading!


  • ninja turtle says:

    hi matthew, do we have to pay taxes for selling html5 games?

  • Jill mason says:

    This is really inspiring. you make others want to go higher and do better than they are currently doing. Good job man.

  • Sanatan says:

    Hello Matt! This time income is really good, double than my friend who works in a Dutch IT company. Great income working for yourself.

    On sustaniblity, I think it have to be dealt by all of us. We have to see how market is going and what may happen and by this hoping for best and preparing for worst…

  • Cappa Games says:

    Awesome income!

    I wonder how sustainable making money with HTML5 can last though, at least with simpler games. I’m guessing once HTML5 starts to take off it’ll be harder to make the same kind of money. Have you thought about this or do you think it’s a sustainable business model? Either way I wish you the best and hope you reach that $10,000 goal.

    Looking forward to see what you make at Ludum Dare as well. It’ll be my 4th, but I’m going to be busy one day so I’m going to have to keep it simple.

    • Matthew says:

      The sustainability of HTML5 has been a focus of mine ever since I started making decent money in this field. I have increased the quality and complexity of my games as the market has developed, and I believe I have the ability and resources to keep up with the market for a long time to come.

      HTML5 is set to have a very bright future, so I’m confident there will be money to be made for a very long time to come indeed. Everyone is going cross-platform these days, including all the big names.

      Of course, I also try to diversify my income to prepare for the worst, and I plan to diversify further.

      As for Ludum Dare, it actually looks like I may not be able to compete…I booked a holiday for this upcoming weekend thinking LD48 was the next weekend, but it wasn’t. So I may not have the time to enter after all.

  • MItchell says:

    Looks like you making some really good progression with your Online Earnings Goal! I honestly think you might reach your goal before the end of the year :) Also looking forward to the new games that you previously mentioned :P Going to be great! Keep up the hard work Matthew. :D

  • Jay Samson says:

    Holy moly! You’re doing such a good job with the earnings this month. I bet you’ll make at least one thousand more dollars in August since you’ll be able to dedicate more of your time :)

  • Samuel says:

    Congrats Mathew!!! I’m looking to be self employed by your age, what websites do you use to buy game art? Or can you redirect me to some other websites.