Online Income Report #020 – December 2013

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for December 2013.

What I Did In December

In November I reached my goal to make $50,000 solely online during 2013, so I’d planned to take December slowly. It was the Christmas holidays too…a perfect time to take a break. However, unlike last year, I was flooded with new clients interested in licensing my HTML5 games. While I’m definitely not complaining, I hadn’t planned to work so much over the holiday season.

I’m glad I made an effort to follow-up with these new clients, though. It definitely paid off and I’ve ended the year on a high note!

New Gadgets

This month I got my hands on a bunch of new devices. My Oculus Rift developer kit arrived, and I was absolutely impressed. This virtual reality headset really lives up to the hype. I can’t wait to buy a consumer model in 2014. The Oculus team recently raised $75 million, too, and they’re looking to fund games designed for the Oculus Rift. There might be commercial potential there.

Another gadget I bought this month was the Leap Motion controller. This futuristic device integrates gesture and motion control into a variety of custom-built applications. While not as impressive as the Oculus Rift, the Leap Motion is a neat entry-level option for developers interested in creating gesture-controlled applications. I enjoyed playing around with this but I can’t see myself making games for it.


A few other devices I picked up include wireless headphones, a new fully-specced Macbook Air, and a Tizen developer phone (these aren’t easy to get). I’m eying off a 4K monitor next.

Working Holiday

During December I traveled to Brisbane, Australia for a working holiday. Since I had the budget for it, and I like traveling in comfort, I spent a week on the 23rd floor of a brand new 5-star hotel in the central business district. I would have stayed longer, but I wanted to get back in time for Christmas with my family. I’m going back in January.

This was my first time staying in Brisbane, and while I didn’t explore much I could tell it doesn’t compare to Melbourne, Australia, which I traveled to earlier this year. I’m still looking for a city to move to and live in, and while Melbourne would be ideal, it’s also the 5th most expensive city in the world currently.

Australia is generally an expensive country to live in so I’m looking to move abroad in 2015. Until then, I’m trying to get an idea of what it would be like to live in a major city.


I have a lot more traveling planned for the new year. A few months ago I decided to postpone my trip to Hong Kong until Dec 2014 so I’m really looking forward to that one, and I’m currently planning a big trip around Australia too.


I spent a lot of time working on my websites in December, though this is starting to seem pretty standard. My blogs have become an integral part of my business and they take a lot of time and energy to maintain, especially GameMaker Blog which I’ve now been running for over a year.

This month I managed to write a couple of new post: I shared November’s Online Income Report and held a $350 Cash Giveaway over the 7 days leading up to Christmas.

I’m really satisfied with how much my sites have improved over the past year, and I love that they’ve allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. I’m honored that so many people take the time to read posts like this one, and even leave supportive comments. I read every comment, tweet, and email I receive, even if I don’t always have the time to respond.

Online Income Report

I didn’t expect to have a particularly good month, financially. After all, my plan was to take time off and avoid work as much as possible. But that wasn’t what December had in store for me.

In November I set a new personal best with $12,567 in online earnings. In December, incredibly, I set a brand new record.

Crunching The Numbers


During December 2013 I earned a total of $14,704 solely online, up $2,137 from last month.

When I said I was flooded with clients this month I wasn’t kidding! I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but this was a really nice way to finish off the year.

My online earnings during 2013 total $69,170, which is an average of $5,764 per month. My all-time online earnings as of the end of 2013 total $99,731. I’ve been in business for 21 months now. In the past 2 months alone, I’ve made a total of $27,271.

2013 totally blew my expectations out of the water! It’s been an absolutely incredible year.

I’ll discuss some of my income streams below.

Mobility Engine Sales

I sold yet another lone license for my Mobility Engine this month. I actually updated the sales page finally, so maybe in January I’ll see more than one sale. I’ll probably update the engine itself soon.

Website Ad Revenue

Advertising revenue across my two websites was average in December. I’m about to launch a new advertising campaign for a client so revenue should increase significantly in January. Currently, all of the banner ads on my sites are for my own products so they do not directly generate ad revenue.

HTML5 Ad Revenue

This month there was a slight improvement in the revenue generated by adverts in my HTML5 games. Surprisingly, traffic to the games is still strong, with around 150,000 ad impressions throughout December. For that amount of traffic my revenue is pretty bad. I have plans to change to that.

Book Sales

Revenue from sales of my book, Making Money With HTML5, jumped up significantly, as I predicted last month. There are two reasons for this increase: November’s income report was quite impressive, and the book’s pending price increase gave people who had been postponing their order a reason to finally get a copy. I’m currently working on an update for the book which I plan to ship in early 2014.

If you’re interested in making HTML5 games during 2014, why not pick up a copy of my book?

HTML5 Sponsorships

Yet again, licensing HTML5 games to publishers was my best source of income this month. Even while on holiday, I picked up $8,000 in new client work. In 2012, I was really struggling to find new clients this late in the year, and I ended 2012 with a couple of weak months. But this year, it’s been the complete opposite. Demand for HTML5 games is going to continue growing during 2014 so I know I’m well positioned moving forward.

What’s Next?

I have a lot planned for the new year, which of course comes with a nice serving of energy and motivation. I’ll be publishing a couple of new posts summarizing 2013 and outlining my goals for 2014, I’ll begin designing a new engine that I’ll be using for all of my future HTML5 games, and I’ll continue to fulfill client orders, work on the update to my book, and more. Oh, and I’m planning to start offering private tutoring for GameMaker and HTML5!

I’ve also got another trip to Brisbane planned as I mentioned previously, so I’ll be trying to relax and take January slowly. There’s a whole year ahead of me…no need to rush.

Thank you for reading!


  • Pete says:

    Great to read that some one is doing so well.

    All the very best for 2015.

    Hope you make even more. :-)

  • ljf says:

    Thankyou matthew for your speedy feedback ill keep a lookout for more on your ebooks and tutoring in the future and as always will b watching your gamemakerblog i really hope it continues to grow now that gms1.3 is on the way.
    Have a good break.

  • ljf says:

    Hi truevalhalla if i bought your html5 mobility engine would i get your new updated engine free when it comes or is that another product you will b selling for a higher price. Thanks

    Another question….sorry. Do u buy games from others for your site and take a cut from each of the sales from those games or are the games u have here all made by u. Thanks once again.

    Ok i have been reading more of your site and see u and others make the games wonder if in the future u will b reaching out to other game makers too. If u tutor will that b on gmc.yoyogames or other. A tutorial ebook may do well ?. Also love the blogs u do and i visit gamemakerblog every few days in hope to learn or see something inspiring in game maker or other developers keep the good workup.

    • Matthew says:

      I hope you don’t mind, I merged your 3 comments into 1. To answer your questions…

      1. My “new” engine you’re referring to is only a base project for personal use, it’s not going to be a product. Mobility Engine buyers only receive free updates for the Mobility Engine.

      2. I work with partners who develop games, and then we share the profits. I also make my own games. In 2014 I won’t be seeking out new partners though.

      3. With the tutoring, that will start on my own sites, not the GMC. I haven’t worked out the details yet so I can’t provide more information at this time. I do have plans for a few more ebooks in the future but first I have to launch the update to Making Money With HTML5.

      Thank you for your comments, and I hope this answered your questions :)

  • Robert says:

    Man, you are my inspiration, many years ago we startet as a browser game, but that was sooo hard to monetize!

  • Mihai Morosanu says:

    I wonder how do you sold the games via sponsorships?
    You have only the 30 games that are presented on your website and a new sponsor wants a sitelock, or a sponsor comes to you and offers you x$ to make a custom game?


  • John Taylor says:

    I am reading your blog since you published your November Income report and commenting when you published December Report. I am so inspired from your work and the way you diversified all activities!

    Will be around this blog for sure. Keep inspiring us :)

  • Daikrys says:

    well congrats to beating your record once again.
    i also plan to move countrys some day and have my eye on switzerland, japan, sweden and canada. although i havent visited them all, i will try to make my holidays there in the following years.

  • Allan says:

    Congrats on your success! I just stumbled on your November update post over at the forum. I have just recently discovered HTML5 development tools, and am very excited about the possibilities. Finding your site, which is packed with information on what has worked for you or not, is immensely helpful!

    Thanks for putting all this online! Good luck with your 2014 goals!

  • Wow Matthew!! Okay i am speechless :| Last month my jaw had dropped at the sight of the amount of earnings you made and at the very successful and interesting income report! December must have given you a very well deserved finish to 2013!! Yet again i read your Income Report and am astonished! Well done Matthew!! :D I cant believe it!! Keep up the hard work and I’m sure even before 2020 you’ll be a millionaire :P And congratulations on your 20th successful income report! :D looking forward to more this year! :D

  • Ryley Kade says:

    Awesome earnings!! It is so awesome to see so many people earning so much money online. Between seeing this report, Matthew Woodwards report and Charles from godofseo’s report I am very inspired and motivated. This year I am going to work hard, and start making money online.

    Which other cryptocurrencies did you invest in? I invested in LTC when they were at $20 and then cashed out at $30 when they started dropping again. I have decided not to invest anymore, until I am earning money steadily online.

    Keep up the great work in 2014!!!