Online Income Report #026 – June 2014

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for June 2014.

What I Did In June

This month was all about my move to the city. It consumed absolutely all of my time and energy, though that’s to be expected I suppose.

New Apartment

My move to Brisbane, the third most populous city in Australia, was fairly straightforward. It was my first big solo move but I was well organized and didn’t encounter any significant problems along the way.

In total, it cost me about $10,000 to move, although that includes the cost of new furniture and appliances, as well as various other expenses. This move was definitely more expensive than I expected.

I’ve been living in my new 38th floor apartment for just over a week. I’ve spent most of the time unpacking and getting everything set up, but I’m basically settled in now. Here are some before/after photos.


So far I’m enjoying living in the city but it’s just so expensive. I’m mostly paying for the view and the central location. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here as it may not be sustainable, it really depends on how my online income performs in the last half of 2014.

I’m sure the next 6 months will be a good learning experience for me nevertheless.

Platform Overview

Here’s a quick look at how my online platform performed during June 2014.


The games I publish were played 554,589 times (15,170,386 total) and 126,051 mobile ads were displayed in sessions I hosted. This month I hosted about 30% of the sessions while my clients hosted the rest.

Traffic to my HTML5 games saw a 50% drop during June. I actually improved my own traffic, but my clients served fewer sessions than usual. I served well over 100K mobile ads this month which I haven’t done for a while, so I’m glad to see improvements there.


My websites were viewed 61,671 times (4,784,916 total) by 27,158 unique visitors.

Traffic to my websites spiked significantly this month. This was mostly due to an ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread that I hosted on Reddit, and the rapid popularity of last month’s record income report.



I have a total of 20,455 subscribers across various platforms, up 1,202 from last month. My current Klout score of 56.72 places me in the top 10% of influential social media users.

Twitter – 10,999 (+1,115) ¹ ²
Facebook – 7,056 (+42) ¹ ²
Newsletters – 2,400 (+45)

Twitter growth was very strong as per usual. I managed to reach the thousand follower threshold this month which I haven’t done since February. Facebook growth continued to spiral downwards. Oh well.

The platform I really focused on this month was my newsletters. I updated all of them, and worked to improve my conversation rates. I’ll have some interesting numbers to share next month.

Online Income Report

My online income has always been notoriously volatile. Last month I saw record high earnings. Unfortunately, this month was a record low…

Crunching The Numbers


During June 2014 I earned a total of $1,533 solely online, down $19,525 from last month.

Now, it might look it, but this wasn’t a bad month; this was pure passive income.

I spent so much of June focusing on my move. I didn’t get to build new games, search for new clients, or even work many full days. Additionally, it’s tax season. This is always an unpredictable time of the year because projects and budgets are being revised.

My whole income this month was generated without my direct involvement, and that’s worth a lot to me. I should have made $0 this month but my passive income streams brought me up to a respectable figure.

My main concern right now is that I’ve only had one really good month so far this year. I’m going to have to start working harder if I want replicate last year’s success or reach my goal of making $100,000 online this year.

What’s Next?

In July my only goal is to finally publish the major revision of my book Making Money With HTML5. It’s definitely going to be out this month. Once that’s released I can return my focus to full-time HTML5 game development, and hopefully see some consecutively strong months again.

Thank you for reading!


  • So does your passive income consist of just your html5 games or do you have other ways of getting that income?

    • Matthew says:

      Well, uh, if you read the income report above it’s all there…

  • Raweewan says:

    Hi Matt
    I think Brisbane is a good place to stay. I’d been there 6 years ago for a short vacation. It was a nice city and I love it. Your income report is still great for passive income.

    • Matthew says:

      Thank you, I’m really enjoying Brisbane so far. I’m lucky to be in such a good part of the city too.

  • João Ferreira says:

    Congrats any way Matthew
    The price of you games sponsoship is still the one in you book?or as it downgrade as time passed?
    (I´m asking as a developer inpired by your book)

    • Matthew says:

      The prices are about the same. I recently discontinued some of the older and lower quality games so the average price is still very similar. I’m about to update the book with current statistics so you can check that out when it’s published :)

  • Arthur says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for the report! Always interesting to read!

    I have a question for you.
    Did you worked with
    Is it worth to partner with them?

    • Matthew says:

      I haven’t worked with Soft Games yet and I’m not sure if I will. They have very high distribution (they sub-license content to other publishers if I recall) but they don’t really pay that well. I’ll be adding more detailed information in the upcoming major revision of my book.

      • Arthur says:

        Thanks! Will wait for the update!

  • Frankie says:

    Hey Matt, its always very inspiring reading your monthly report.
    I agree with you about getting out of your comfort zone (I did the same myself) but how about moving to another country where cost of life is cheaper but quality can be very very good? for example Im boostrapping my company, I moved to Bangkok, its a very cool city to leave and cost are so freaking low, check this comparison:
    Since your income is still volatile I would play safer and then decide eventually to more to a more expansive cities… what do you think? I dont know if you ever heard about TropicalMBA, its for lifestyle designer entrepreneurs, you should check it out too!

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Frankie; I’ve definitely put a lot of thought into moving to a country with low costs of living as my income is not reliant on where I live. But I’m not really sold on any particular destination yet and a lot of these low cost countries tend to have issues of their own.

      For example, in Thailand there’s political crisis and a lot of human/animal rights issues. And the weather is way too hot for me ;)

      So the problem I’m having is finding a low cost country that suits the lifestyle I’m after. I’ve definitely looked.

      Thanks for the TropicalMBA reference, I’m checking out their blog and podcast now.

  • Nu - Morphic says:

    Amazing work man, good luck for the future :)

  • Yves says:

    Hey man, I’ve two questions for you…

    You’ve mentioned you didn’t create any new games this month… So, how is your avg games/month rate?
    Plus you are all alone when creating then or do you have a team?

    Congrats for the moving!

    Best Regards
    Yves- Cool-Droid

    • Matthew says:

      The number of games I publish per month really varies a lot. Sometimes it will be none, sometimes just a single game, or occasionally it might be a group of three or four.

      I work with partners to publish their games, and I make games myself. I work with a musician and web developer, and every now and then an artist. I try to do a lot of the work myself though.

  • Boysano says:

    Looking forward to the update of the book, I’m sure it will drive sales.

    I decided to join a shared office space, nice networking and save huge bills on heating and cooling, coffee, internet, electricity, printing, conference rooms and a productive environment…something to consider in future.

  • Hey Matthew, nice income report! :D a record low is not actually that bad, at least there was some income instead of nothing! If you are not happy with living in the city then where will you be moving to next? It will be an interesting experience and I’m sure we will hear more about it on your blog here :P Good luck in Brisbane and keep up the hard work! :D Thank you for the income Report once again :)

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Mitchell. If I decide to leave the city I’m not sure where I’ll go…optimally I want to stay here for a year or two but if I have a series of weak months that may not be possible. At this point, it all comes down to money so I’ll have to see how the rest of 2014 plays out :)

      • Mitchell Brits says:

        I understand that, by the looks of things the city seems to be a really really expensive place :/ I’m sure the rest of 2014 will treat you well :D Lets hope for the best! Thank you Matthew :)

        • Matthew says:

          My ongoing expenses (rent, food, server costs, etc.) are around $2,350 a month right now, and even though I have some savings if I end the year badly it would be too risky to stay in the city with those costs.

          • Wow! That is a lot. Although a record breaking month like last should help you in the long run? It may cover you for a few months then use those few months to save up? :D Then a few good months can ply to your advantage :) Just a suggestion :P Although I’m sure you have some great months ahead Matthew! :D

  • Aden Humbert says:

    Not a bad month at all, Matthew. $1,533 in a single month (entirely from passive income) is actually a pretty impressive feat.

    Good luck in July! I can’t wait to read the new version of your e-book.

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks Aden. I hope you’ll find the new version insightful.

  • Eugenio says:

    Congratulations! i wish you good luck in Brisbane.

    If you are looking for some developer partner in your quest dont hesitate and call me!

    Mod edit: Excess links removed.

  • Noop says:

    You sound confident, but do you ever feel like you’re in over your head?

    • Matthew says:

      My move to the city is definitely a risk…but with a volatile income like mine everything is a risk, and I can’t let that stop me from pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I feel confident in the work I do, though.

      On this blog I share not only my success but also my failures, and if I make a mistake I’ll just pick myself up and learn from it.

  • kengy says:

    great! man! i hope earn some money making my own html5 games, i think your incoming was great! keep working, thanks for sharing!

  • Chris says:

    Curious… What happened to your HTML5 sponsorship income? Did you sever relationships with every sponsor??

    • Matthew says:

      I didn’t publish any new games this month, and unfortunately I didn’t find any new sponsors as I didn’t have the time to look. I have no guaranteed recurring sponsorship revenues, so it’s not a passive income stream that earns money when I’m not working.

  • TheBosZ says:

    If the city is so expensive, why did you move there? Just for the experience?

    • Matthew says:

      Mostly for the experience. I wanted a change of scenery after having lived in a small town for the past 12 years.