Online Income Report #028 – August 2014

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for August 2014.

What I Did In August

This was a transition month. In July I finally published the major update to my book Making Money With HTML5 and now I’m back to developing games full-time. Well, almost.

Winding Down

I spent much of August clearing up all of the little tasks that I have been neglecting this year, such as transitioning to one of the best minimalist WordPress themes that I could find. There’s a few reasons I chose to do this: many of the tasks where long-overdue for completion, and generally they weren’t stressful to address.

The plan was to slowly wean myself off 12 hour work days in preparation for a holiday in early September. I have been consistently working long hours this year, so I took this transition month as an opportunity to relax and get into holiday mode.

New Workstation

One of the “little tasks” I mentioned was to upgrade my virtual machine from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Prior to this, I had been using a Macbook Air to power OS X Yosemite, Windows 7, and two 27″ 2560 x 1440 Thunderbolt Displays. After updating to Windows 8.1 my Macbook Air was finally starting to have some performance issues.

So, I decided to upgrade my workstation. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a Mac Pro since they were released in December 2013 and this was it. I’m loving the insane performance (and productivity) boost that the quad-core model has given me. Plus, it’s just so damn shiny!


Platform Overview

Here’s a quick look at how my online platform performed during August 2014.


The games I publish were played 437,785 times (16,071,321 total) and 172,313 mobile ads were displayed in sessions I hosted.

For the second month in a row, traffic to my HTML5 games saw a slight drop. However, the number of mobile ads served was almost identical to last month. I reached 16m total plays in August.


My websites were viewed 54,682 times (4,902,979 total) by 22,688 unique visitors.

Traffic to my websites was less than it was last month though this isn’t surprising. I try to publish at least two articles per month here; this month I only managed to publish July’s income report. Blogging is extremely time-consuming and I often struggle to prioritize it over client work.

I published five new articles on my other website, GameMaker Blog, which was also below average.



I have a total of 22,303 subscribers across various platforms, up 1,037 from last month. My current Klout score of 57.39 places me in the top 10% of influential social media users.

Twitter – 12,776 (+839) ¹ ²
Facebook – 7,157 (+74) ¹ ²
Newsletters – 2,370 (+124)

You might notice something unusual this month. Instead of continuing to spiral downwards, Facebook growth actually increased by 300% in August! I have no idea why but I’m not complaining.

Newsletter growth was also fantastic. I usually only gain 100+ subscribers to my mailing lists during traffic spikes. Since May I have been experimenting with a WordPress plugin called Optin Monster to improve my newsletter conversation rates. It has worked really well. By using this plugin I have increased conversion rates by almost 400% which allows me to interact with more readers in a more personal way.

Online Income Report

Now that I’ve returned my focus to HTML5 game development I expect to produce higher revenue on a more consistent basis. This month was a step in the right direction.

Crunching The Numbers


During August 2014 I earned a total of $7,538 solely online, up $2,311 from last month.

This was a pretty stellar month overall. Naturally, I earned less from HTML5 consulting than I did in July when I debuted the service. I also published the major update to my book Making Money With HTML5 in July which explains why sales were lower this month. Both of these downward trends were predictable and expected.

What’s Next?

Aside from my holiday, I have an incredible amount of work lined up for September. HTML5 game publishers have started to refresh their budgets for the new financial year so there is plenty of money to be made. I’ll be working on new HTML5 games, and I need to take some time to perform maintenance on my existing portfolio. I’m hoping to reach $10,000 in monthly revenue again.

Thank you for reading!


  • Sherrah says:

    All I can say is that you deserve the amount you recieved every month and with the work and skills you have you deserve more than that. Keep up the good work Matt!

  • Marivic says:

    Hey, Mathew
    such a great income report. i will use that also for I can have a wonderful vacation.. hahaha.. :)

  • Glenn says:

    You’re a true inspiration to developers. I need to figure out how I can do sponsorships like you do, although I make games in Unity. Thanks for putting time and effort into these reports, they really offer great inspiration to read. And good luck going forwards, here’s to $30k a month!

  • Andrew says:

    Hey Matt,

    Great blog! I love how you always show us your actual income per month. Keep it up! I would like to ask you about how much time you actually work per week. I have a toddler and work fourty-five hours a week at an amazing company. On the side, I am creating a PC game with my co-worker. We barely ever get time to work on the game, but it is slowly coming together. I love how you create your own income and work on your own. I am wondering if that would be possible for me. What type of hours are you working per week. Do you work seven days a week also? What type of commitment are you putting into this?


    • Matthew says:

      Hi Andrew. I work 10-12 hours most days (including weekends), though I have been trying to cut back. I have the freedom to choose my hours so it’s all self-inflicted.

      I still struggle to find time for my side-projects (I have a PC game of my own that I barely get to work on). There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to developing and maintaining a business; it’s a huge time sink.

      • Mark says:

        The freedom to work when u want to is the BEST….:) You also find you do your best work after 23h00 ?

  • Happy says:

    Thanks once again for Sharing, Matthew.

    A post on how your sponsorship works would be awesome. For example, the sponsorship figures you show, are they exclusive deals, do the expire after XX months, and so forth. It would be great to understand fully how sponsorship works.


    • Matthew says:

      This month, all of the sponsorship revenue is from one-time non-exclusives. I don’t have any games in rental deals anymore. If I sell an exclusive license I will always mention it in the income report (only ever sold two of those). Thanks for reading!

  • Cappa Games says:

    A great month once again. I wonder about something though. I’ve been following you for a while now and have noticed you’ve put in a ton of work into diversifying your income streams. Do you think you would have made more money focusing on making more HTML5 games and licensing them out rather than diversifying?

    It’s hard for me to tell just looking at a monthly income report, but it seems like you would have made a lot more money if you focused solely on your HTML5 Sponsorships.

    Either way your doing great for yourself, I’m just wondering if you would have done anything different if you could go back in time and do it again.

    • Matthew says:

      Some of these other income streams are a different type of income. I have a few completely passive income streams, and those are incredibly valuable to me. Without my passive income streams, I would have made $0 in June when I moved houses, but instead I managed to make $1500. If I suddenly got sick or was unable to work, these passive income streams would help carry me through.

      I recently published an article called 5 Tips For Starting Your Own Online Business, and in that I shared my thoughts on diversification:

      “Oftentimes, pursuing new sources of revenue will require you to turn your attention away from an established income stream; diversification comes at the expense of guaranteed income.”

      It’s true that I could have made a lot more money if I had just focused on making HTML5 games, but my goal is not just to make a few hundred thousand dollars then fade out of existence. I’m trying to use this opportunity to establish a long-term career that can fund my entire life and not just a few years of it. My approach to this has involved diversification whenever possible.

  • 'laolu says:

    I envy you :)

  • Rocco says:

    It’s good to see your revenues still going up :) good luck!

    Btw, I have to admit that is one sexy Mac Pro.

  • Mitchell says:

    Hey Matthew! Awesome income report!! :D Your income report has grown this month again so it’s looking good! :) I hope you had a really nice and relaxing holiday! :D Next month looks like it’s going to be a great month and I think you’ll take great advantage of it! :D Thank you for the great income report! And good luck for next month! :P

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks Mitchell; the holiday was OK but I should have booked more time off. I underestimated just how much I needed a break :)

      • Mitchell says:

        Haha pleasure Matthew :) Maybe if your holiday was a little bit longer you would feel much more relieved and ready to work :P but none the less you probably have another break coming up soon! :D

  • Mark says:

    I hate you!!!!
    NO I DONT!!
    OMG that is an incredible amount of money
    The South African exchange rate is * 10 ……………
    I could live like a king of of that!
    Makes solemn oath to stop “f****** around” saying i want to make money online and roll up sleeves
    Tks for inspiration