Online Income Report #036 – April 2015

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for April 2015.

icon-pokerWhat I Did In April

April was an interesting month that presented a unique set of challenges.

Rough Start

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that the plan this month was to start full-time work on my current major project, Aeon Chapters.

Unfortunately, I spent half of April recovering from a (somewhat inevitable) hand injury. Recent months have been particularly demanding, and I haven’t been giving myself enough time to rest and recover. My last holiday was 6 months ago and since then I have been working non-stop.

Despite the injury, I still made a lot of progress on Aeon Chapters by focusing on design, research, and organizational tasks.

3 Years In Business

Last month I hit a huge milestone by reaching $200,000 in total online income. This month marks another important milestone: I have been in business for 3 years!

It’s amazing to look back at how far I’ve come in such a short period of time; my life is extremely different to what it was when I started my online business in 2012. I’m so fortunate to be in the position that I am now. I have learned so much about so many different topics, gained invaluable experience, and managed to earn an online income far beyond what I originally imagined.

Of course, running your own business is demanding and requires many sacrifices, but it’s totally worth it.

Other Stuff

This month I spent my free time playing Hero Siege and online poker. Due to my hand injury, I had to choose games that required limited mouse/keyboard input. I also picked up an Apple Watch this month, and hopefully I’ll get to make some apps for it eventually. Initial impression: it’s great!


Platform Overview

Here’s a quick look at how my online platform performed during April 2015.


The games I publish were played 793,038 times (25,303,459 total) and 66,995 mobile ads were displayed in sessions I hosted.

I finally reached 25 million total game sessions, which is a crazy number when you think about it. I have served more game sessions than there are people in my country!


My websites were viewed 37,485 times (5,302,162 total) by 17,093 unique visitors.

I spent some time improving my sites this month, mostly fixing bugs and making small improvements. I’m integrating new artwork, too. Updating the blog has been a slow process but I’m nearly satisfied with how everything looks.



I have a total of 29,294 subscribers across various platforms, up 195 from last month. My current Klout score of 56.09 places me in the top 10% of influential social media users.

Twitter – 18,441 (-4)
Facebook – 7,547 (+24)
Newsletters – 3,158 (+170)
Twitch – 148 (+5)

Those are some dismal numbers! But it’s not as bad as it looks. Twitter is in the red because I closed one of my smaller accounts in April. I gained lots of new subscribers to my newsletters, which is the metric that I have been working on lately. Overall, it was a standard month of growth.

Online Income Report

This month’s earnings came as an unexpected surprise. It’s the first time that I have reached a 5-digit profit so far this year.

Crunching The Numbers


During April 2015 I earned a total of $10,463 solely online, up $5,643 from last month.



This was an untimely month to bring in so much new business. I certainly welcome it (of course) but the added workload kept my attention away from Aeon Chapters. It’s all part of the new balancing act that I need to learn.

As usual, my HTML5 income streams were the best performers in April. My income was mostly from licensing games to new clients, and the sale of a custom-made game (which was also a factor when I made $26,000 online last September).

Sales of my book Making Money With HTML5 have been all over the place lately. The general sentiment towards HTML5 games has been declining, but I’m clearly still finding them to be extremely profitable. It’s an unparalleled market for developers, and while the first gold rush is over, there is certainly another on the horizon.

Thanks for reading!


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  • Dougy Hunt says:

    First, can you add me to your email list ([email protected]) AWeber doesn’t like [email protected] emails it seems. :/

    Back to the actual comment.

    How easy are HTML5 games to create? What’s the basic knowledge you need? Guess, the answers are in your book (which I may have to get soon!).

    Thanks. Oh, and great effort with the income report!

    • Matthew says:

      HTML5 games are pretty easy to make if you use an engine like GameMaker Studio or Construct 2. These are beginner-friendly tools. Definitely check out my book for more information (there’s a whole beginner’s guide). Thanks for your comment!

  • Gepe womble says:

    Since you are experienced is webgl faster than flash games or are they the same. If I make the exact same game and run it on the same computer would webgl win because ove seen some games that look like flash cant handle in html5

    • Matthew says:

      I use canvas not WebGL, and I never made Flash games. So your guess is as good as mine.

  • Raj Sidhu says:

    Hi Matthew, great figures this month – well done!

    I’m putting together a roundup post of income reports and would love to feature your numbers in it if I may?

    Currently I’m collecting figures for May, when will yours be published?

    Let me know and I’ll get you included in my post.


    • Matthew says:

      Hey Raj – my report for May will be published in 3-4 days.

  • Hello Matt, amazing results! I hope you get well very soon :)
    Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to take some rest and continue working on projects with a fresh mind ;)

  • Ash says:

    Hey Mathew,

    I’ve noticed some of your older games don’t have sound while the newer ones do. Is this because of the discrepancies between browsers, sound format and android/ios? I have yet to find a common sound format that works on all browsers supported by ios/android. What do you suggest?

    Also, many congratulations on your success!

    • Matthew says:

      It’s actually only because I haven’t gotten around to adding sound to every game yet. I’m working on it, and have found that audio is now well-supported across all moderns platforms.

      • Ash says:

        What format do you prefer using? I find ogg to be decent on android devices, but it tends to have problems with iOS.

        • Matthew says:

          I use a combination of OGG and MP3 to cover all the bases.

  • Samuel says:

    If I can make around that in a month then that would be great. Hoping that another HTML5 gold rush comes around because business has been slow. Sorry about your injury though. Got RSI and I know how that can get in the way. Matt, you should start a dev log about Aeon Chapters. I started my own at check it out I’d love to see the way you approach game development.

    • Matthew says:

      I have already started a development log for Aeon Chapters but I recently decided to delete it and start again. I will prioritize this when I get out of the current planning/design phase of development. Thanks for your comment!

  • snowonsummer says:

    Hi mathew, can I ask something ? I don’t see any ads on the demo game ( the buy game link ) are they on different link ( i just see the buy game banner ) ? also, when selling ( monthly payment, non-exclusive / exclusive licenses ) do you give them the source code or host it ( on your own server ) by yourself and only giving them some code to display on their websites ? thank you.

    • Matthew says:

      I have turned off ads this month to experiment with other options. When selling games, the client will typically host the source code. I hope this helps.

  • Gepe Womble says:

    Hey Matt do you know of any html5 publisher’s looking for top notch games only on pc

    • Matthew says:

      No, absolutely none.

      • gepe womble says:

        What about kongregate or newgrounds they take html5 and armorgames said eventually

        • Matthew says:

          Kongregate is a gaming portal. You can upload your HTML5 games there, but don’t expect to make much money. Armor Games aren’t buying HTML5 games yet.

  • philip bradley says:

    hi mathew, when you say custom game what do you mean by that, is it a game you made for another company to sell, or is it something else and can we see it if its not against any contract agreement.

    • Matthew says:

      A custom-made game is one built exclusively for a client, according to their specifications and requirements. I don’t really seek this type of work but I occasionally get requests for it. I can’t share any links to custom-made games due to NDA’s and client privacy, but they are significantly higher quality than my portfolio games.

      • philip bradley says:

        ye i get you, that’s what i did for a client but their game was of lesser quality than my games, but that’s what they wanted so hey who am i to argue, you just do what they require and it’s theirs with no link back to me so won’t tarnish my rep.

        • philip bradley says:

          oh ye and il call it a client contracted game, to me a custom game is all my games LOL, apart from the first game i wrote that was just a clone of some other game that i did for fun and practice.

  • Phil says:

    Do you think it’s too late to get into this industry? Even as a relative newbie but with some coding experience?

    • Matthew says:

      The HTML5 games market is no longer accessible to absolute beginner developers. But the fact that it was just 6 months ago speaks to how accessible the market still is compared to other markets. For moderately experienced developers, this is the best time to get into the market.

  • Mitchell says:

    Great work Matthew! :D It’s a pity with your injury though! I hope you recover real soon and get back into the swing of things. Nice income even with that injury :P Definitely something to give even more motivation to your readers! Keep up the great work :D Looking forward to Aeon Chapters too! Hope it’s coming along great.

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks Mitchell. I would have been disappointed with my performance this month if I hadn’t picked up so much new business – the injury really damaged my productivity and put me behind on a lot of work.

      • Mitchell says:

        Pleasure Matthew! I can imagine how frustrating it would have been if you didn’t get more business, especially since you want to maintain your passive income stream and work on Aeon chapters Hope you get well soon Matthew!

  • Jason Bentley says:

    Ya man, just click “Raise All-in” with your other hand for now!

  • Quinton Hamp says:

    I’ve always been surprised that more folks are doing better with the app gaming, but I think it is clear that you a stellar performer in an otherwise challenging industry. Keep it up!

  • MyungHee says:

    I hope you get well soon.

    • Matthew says:

      I’m doing much better now that I have taken time off.