Online Income Report #037 – May 2015

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for May 2015.

What I Did In May

I have been incredibly busy lately, and I barely have time to write an income report this month. I’m going to keep this short instead of delaying it any further.

Platform Overview

Here’s a quick look at how my online platform performed during May 2015.


The games I publish were played 853,045 times (26,156,504 total) and 65,202 mobile ads were displayed in sessions I hosted.


My websites were viewed 41,423 times (5,343,585 total) by 19,198 unique visitors.


I have a total of 29,857 subscribers across various platforms, up 563 from last month. My current Klout score of 55.37 places me in the top 10% of influential social media users.

Twitter – 18,841 (+400)
Facebook – 7,536 (-11)
Newsletters – 3,327 (+169)
Twitch – 153 (+5)

Newsletter growth was particularly strong this month after I made an effort to improve conversion rates.


Online Income Report

It was a solid month overall, with decent profits across the board.

Crunching The Numbers


During May 2015 I earned a total of $5,542 solely online, down $4,921 from last month.


My plans to work on Aeon Chapters full-time have been completely interrupted. I’ve been overwhelmed by an unexpected surge of interest in HTML5 sponsorships, and I’m still trying to make up ground after suffering a hand injury last month. I have never been busier, but I’m managing the stress fairly well.


What’s Next?

Once I clear my current workload I’ll be resuming work on Aeon Chapters, launching some new projects, and publishing an update of my book Making Money With HTML5. I also want to make some upgrades to my home office which is always exciting. I’ll publish a longer income report next month.

Thanks for reading!


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  • Josh Miller says:

    Wow, these are some seriously nice results, I’ll definitely have a read through some more of your content!

  • Ronnie says:

    Genuinely curious, I noticed you said your more busy with sponsorships but there is a negative change in sponsorship income. Was that a mistake or can you comment on that?

    • Matthew says:

      In April I made a $10K profit but a payday like that comes with a lot of work. Since I injured my hand in April, I did most of that work in May, in addition to the month’s normal workload. Often large workloads will carry over between months like this, but the injury is what really put me behind.