Online Income Report #052 – August 2016

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for August 2016.

What I Did In August

This month I explored ambitious new ideas and raised the capital needed to pursue them.

Successful Fundraiser

I have been working on a networking framework for my HTML5 games which will allow my team to add multiplayer functionality to the portfolio. There isn’t a single studio that develops multiplayer HTML5 games on a mass scale, which is something that I’m uniquely positioned to do.

icon-dragondepths-2Since I will be diverting resources away from my existing profitable business to produce the framework, I decided to mitigate this risk factor by hosting a fundraiser. In total, I raised $30,000 in just 24 hours, which is an incredible achievement.

These funds will be used to produce the framework, and new games that can utilize it.

To supplement August’s fundraising efforts, I have started accepting donations again. It’s been over a year since I last accepted donations, but I finally found the time to relaunch my official supporter program. New supporters are listed prominently in the sidebar of my website and may receive exclusive rewards such as free access to future games and products, and special items in my upcoming multiplayer games.

Planning For The Future

I have a passion for designing multiplayer games, but it’s been almost five years since I was able to work on one. I have been so preoccupied with building my business, and multiplayer games haven’t factored into the equation until now.

Initially, I will be adding multiplayer functionality to a selection of my existing HTML5 games, but I also plan to build a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) at some point. A large project like this will be quite a challenge, not only from a technical perspective but from a design perspective too. I spent much of the month planning for a project like this.

I have been researching online game design, playtesting various games while taking notes, and even reading books about gaming psychology. I’m also testing various e-commerce services since it is quite difficult to monetize HTML5 games outside of the standard licensing model. Features like in-app purchases are not well-supported like they are in native applications.

In any case, this project should be very interesting to follow once it gains initial momentum. Stay tuned!

Other Stuff

I worked 89 productive hours in August and took 14/31 days off (tracked using RescueTime).

I’m currently playing Hitman, watching Mr Robot, and Jason Bourne was the best movie I saw this month.


Platform Overview

Here’s a quick look at how my online platform performed during August 2016.


The games I publish were played 974,053 times (39,838,496 total).

Traffic to my HTML5 games slightly increased in August. This month I updated Battleships and Jungle Slider, and I shared a teaser for my upcoming game Hex Wars (a remake of one of my oldest games).


My websites were viewed 36,182 times (5,890,681 total) by 15,036 unique visitors.

Website traffic was relatively stable. I’m currently in the process of selling one of my other websites, so this figure may drop significantly in an upcoming income report. Generally speaking, readership has been strong in recent months.


I have a total of 46,255 subscribers across various platforms, up 905 from last month.

Twitter – 34,893 (+636) ¹ ² ³
Facebook – 7,940 (+1) ¹ ²
Newsletters – 3,422 (+268)

Social media growth returned to normal after the dip in July, although Facebook growth remains non-existent. I have been thinking about new ways to address Facebook growth, but it’s a low priority platform for me. I get better results focusing on my other social media accounts.

Online Income Report

Let’s talk money! I’m absolutely thrilled to report new record high earnings this month.


During August 2016 I earned $37,390 USD solely online ($351,393 total), up $33,281 from last month. My average income over the past 12 months is $10,349 so this was a significantly above average month.


My results this month are unique because the majority of these earnings will be reinvested into my business. Of course, I already reinvest my earnings quite heavily, but a month like this doesn’t compare to one like June when I made a pure profit of $19,066. The money I raised from fundraising is not exactly a “profit” in the same sense.

However, these are undoubtedly some incredible numbers! While I have been enjoying financial freedom for the past year, this fundraising event has provided a different type of freedom. I’ll be able to explore ambitious new ideas without worrying quite so much about maintaining the status quo. I have the freedom to make a few more mistakes as I venture into new territory. I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish within the next couple of years.

I shouldn’t neglect to mention the rest of my income sources. My book Making Money With HTML5 sold particularly well this month, as did my HTML5 consulting service and games. Even without the fundraiser, this month would have been very solid.

What’s Next?icon-octopus

I have an incredibly busy month ahead of me. I need to clear up a ton of work before my holiday in October, so I’ll be working longer days than usual. I also need to address leftover client work from the past couple of months, and I have quite a few active projects that need my attention. My to-do list is going in the wrong direction, that’s for sure, but I love how everything’s progressing lately.

Thanks for reading!


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  • Monakgo says:

    Very Nice post and Congrats for the earnings..

  • Lap202 says:

    Every time I hear you mention Multiplayer ;)

    • Matthew says:

      Haha, I know you’ll be playing! I’m going to try and carry over rewards from Myriad.

  • Andresen says:

    Great blog post, how you get sales of your ebook & game? Any platform suggestion?

    • Matthew says:

      My book basically sells itself – I don’t advertise it anywhere, but since it’s such a niche product it would be difficult to promote in any case. I definitely recommend HTML5 as far as platforms go…there’s not too much competition and the market is still very accessible compared to others.

  • Waleed says:

    Great job, move forward :)

  • Matt | MyAppIncome says:

    I forgot about your fundraising when I saw the top image! Either way, that’s an impressive amount and a testament to the hard work and trust you’ve built up.

    • Matthew says:

      I thought the fundraiser would take at least 2 weeks, and even then maybe I wouldn’t reach my goal. I was very surprised to hit $30,000 in 24 hours, and I was even capping individual payments to $5,000. I’m very humbled by the immense show of support.

  • Richard says:

    Good day Matthew,

    Another great report. You are helping inspirer me, I just hope I can achieve a fraction of what you’ve done.

  • Mat says:

    Hey, nice work, what tech do you plan on using to implement the multiplayer back-end? MMO is an area that I am currently looking into, I looked at node.js and GO, but then came across .NET Core which it says is 8x faster than node and 3x faster than GO.

    • Matthew says:

      We’re currently leaning towards a C# backend, but that could still change as we’re in the early stages of development.

  • Beat Sweating says:

    Great blog post! Raising 30K in 24 hours is amazing! I can’t wait to see what multiplayer games you come up with- I’d love something like a small-scale MMO to play in my browser.

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks! The plan is to build a super accessible game (design by subtraction) that is just plain enjoyable/relaxing to log into. We’re going to try and cut down as many barriers to fun as possible – it should be great!