Online Income Report #055 – November 2016

Each month I publish a fully transparent income report which documents my online earnings. These income reports exist to demonstrate my progress, share my experiences, and motivate others who want to make money online.

Check out my online income report for November 2016.

What I Did In November

November was a really challenging month for me. My workload was through the roof and I endured a perpetual feeling of lethargy that I couldn’t seem to shake. I struggled to put in the hours this month. However, with looming deadlines and new projects to launch, I had to make the effort.

Christmas Giveawaygolden-ticket

This month I launched my fourth annual Christmas cash giveaway. I’m giving away $500 to a few lucky winners. Each year, I aim to show my appreciation of the community by giving back to my loyal readers and fans. I’m so thankful for everyone who follows my work and supports me!

I created a brand new game to promote the event and make it more interactive. Entrants need to find a golden ticket within the game for a chance to win. The results will be announced on December 25th, so there’s not much time left to enter the draw.

Introducing Kingfall

Back in August, I raised $30,000 to fund the production of my new HTML5 networking engine. This will allow my team to add multiplayer functionality to my existing games, like Battleships, and new ambitious projects. One of those new projects is called Kingfall.

Kingfall will be a next-generation MMORPG built with HTML5 technology. It will offer an open-world sandbox experience targeted towards casual gamers and will be available to play for free via the web on PC or mobile. My goals with this project are diverse, but I really want to focus on making the game accessible to a wide audience while appealing to players who don’t necessarily have hours to burn on a fantasy game.

I also want to address some of the issues in the current MMORPG market, from my own perspective as a player, as well as the demands of modern gamers. I’ll be aiming to innovate while maintaining a realistic scope for the project. My team is already hard at work on the infrastructure for Kingfall, and I hope to have more news about the project soon.

Other Stuff

I worked 103 productive hours in November and took 9/30 days off (tracked using RescueTime).

I’m currently playing GTA Online, watching House of Cards, and Snowden was the best movie I saw this month.


Platform Overview

Here’s a quick look at how my online platform performed during November 2016.


The games I publish were played 775,660 times (42,231,688 total). platform-overview

Traffic to my HTML5 games remained steady this month, but will probably spike throughout December and the remainder of the holiday season. Historically, traffic doubles on Christmas day as millions of new mobile phones and tablets are activated.

I published several new games this month: Santa’s Helpers, Christmas Pop, and Zoo Match. Some of these games are high-definition remakes of my oldest titles.


My websites were viewed 23,004 times (5,997,815 total) by 6,317 unique visitors.

Traffic to my websites improved in November. I’ll be launching Kingfall’s website and community forum in the coming months, which should contribute to an upwards traffic trend throughout 2017.

I also read a comparison of Grammarly, Ginger, Jetpack, Hemingway in an attempt to improve my writing. Hopefully, that will be reflected in future posts.


I have a total of 25,591 subscribers across various platforms, up 749 from last month.

Twitter – 19,401 (+544)
Facebook – 1,918 (+9)
Newsletter – 4,272 (+196)

My social media platform grew at a decent rate, with Facebook lagging behind. I haven’t been investing much time into my platform lately, however, my audience continues to develop organically.

Online Income Report

This has been my most profitable year ever, and 2016 keeps on giving! These ongoing results are incredible.


During November 2016 I earned $10,427 USD solely online ($374,505 total), up $5,032 from last month. My average income over the past 12 months is $10,585 so this was an average month.


I predicted a surge in demand for games as the holidays approached and that has indeed been the case. This month, I sold many licenses for my HTML5 games, in addition to selling an above-average number of books. Making Money With HTML5 remains a valuable guide to entering this market, and is consistently well-reviewed. Learn To Make Games is still only available for pre-order but I’m making great progress towards its eventual publication (definitely 2017).

I recently reintroduced the Mobility Engine and made it available for sale once again. I had previously removed the product from sale to address maintenance issues, and in the coming months, a major update will follow. The engine is already the best HTML5 display engine available for GameMaker Studio, and after this update, it will be easier to use with more powerful scaling functionality and a new set of advanced features.

My HTML5 consulting service underperformed again this month, with zero new sales. However, since I’m writing this report (very) late into December, I can safely say that this trend won’t continue next month. An expensive consultation package isn’t exactly the type of product that I expect to sell frequently, so the lack of recent sales is not a concern, just something to note.

Finally, I would like to thank this month’s top supporters: Tim Douglas, Mitchell Brits, Matthew Walkerelf

What’s Next?

I usually try to reduce my workload in December, so that I can take time off to enjoy the holidays. I certainly don’t have a shortage of work that I could be doing but it’s important to reset before the New Year. I have an extremely ambitious year ahead of me; 2017 will be critical to my long-term sustainability in this market.

I’m yet to decide if I will set any business-orientated New Years Resolutions. Throughout 2012-2015 my goals were to earn a certain amount of money or to reduce my work hours. I didn’t set these targets in 2016, because I was content with the modest hours I was working and the income I was generating, and that remains the case today. Perhaps my resolution will be: work smarter, not harder.

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!


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  • Aeroporto de Linhares says:

    Very good, I loved the tips, I’ll put it into practice.

  • Adrian says:

    Hi Mathew! Thanks for the income report – you’re an inspiration to little devs!
    The Christmas giveaway it’s also a very generous thing to do, kudos for that. Maybe you’ll sometimes offer professional reviews of html5 games – you know, play the game for a bit and offer some valuable pointers on how to improve it – as giveaways. I know some of us would value those much more than money – specially if we can’t afford the consultation services.
    Anyways, happy hollidays and a profitable new year! :)

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Adrian – thanks for your comment. It’s a nice idea, but not all of my followers are game developers, so I wanted to ensure the prize pool was appealing to everyone. Happy new year!

  • eric says:

    Fair play matthew! Have a great christmas

  • Mitchell says:

    Hey Matthew! :D

    Thank you for the income report! This year has been truly great for you and it makes me so glad! I’m looking forward to the New Year as always especially the new projects you are undertaking! You never cease to excite and inspire me! My goals have always been inspired and motivated by you, thank you so much! :)

    Congratulations on yet another rewarding month too! :D

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks Mitchell. It has been really great to follow your progress this year, too. Best of luck in 2017!

      • Mitchell says:

        Thank you Matthew! Not much has happened this year, the last few months have been a huge step in the right direction but also jumped out of nowhere, I’m not complaining though! I feel next year is going to be much more exciting! Can’t wait for some more news! Thank you once again :)