Note: this service is no longer unavailable

If you want to successfully design, create, and monetize HTML5 games you can benefit from professional consulting. Over the past few years I’ve worked closely with hundreds of companies, my portfolio has been played 70,000,000+ times, and I’ve made $750,000+ USD online from simple HTML5 games.

I answer numerous emails from hobbyist game developers on a daily basis. I’m always willing to help, but I’d like to offer a more comprehensive option for serious commercially-orientated developers who are looking to establish a sustainable HTML5 games business.

Hire An Expert

If you have the time, skill, and dedication then I have the blueprint you need to fast track your HTML5 games business. This is an extremely comprehensive and personalized support package.

I’m offering the following services:

  • Professional email support
  • Detailed answers to all of your questions
  • Advice for coming up with commercially viable ideas
  • Unique platform insights & market analysis
  • Game testing with detailed feedback
  • In-depth discussion of proven sales strategies
  • Brand growth & marketing advice
  • Plus access to more publishers

I work closely with my clients until they are successful and self-sustained. Make your best decisions from day one: hire an expert and let me help you build a profitable business that will survive the test of time.


Feel free to Contact Me for assistance.