Seeking Funding [Goal Reached]

I have been successfully running my online business for almost 5 years now. While I sell a variety of products, my core business has always been video games. Designing, marketing, and selling video games comprises 79% of my digital sales (which total $314,003 USD as of August 2016).

I work within a cutting-edge market that’s based around HTML5 web technology. HTML5 games are cross-platform which means that they can be played on computers, phones, tablets, and even televisions; any modern device that has a web browser can display HTML5 content, and users can play between devices.

Since the inception of this market, I have been working to promote HTML5 technology and push the limits of HTML5 games. However, I believe there is an underserved and potentially lucrative subset of HTML5 games that I could be building.

The funding threshold has now been met. Thanks for your consideration.

Multiplayer Games

Starting this month, I’ll be working on a HTML5 networking framework. Once completed, this framework will allow my team to start adding multiplayer functionality to new and existing HTML5 games. I currently license 40+ games to companies around the world, which are played 1,000,000+ times per month, and many of them could benefit from this type of functionality.

There are very few multiplayer HTML5 games in existence so this is relatively new territory. There isn’t a single studio that develops multiplayer HTML5 games on a mass scale, which is something that I’m uniquely positioned to do.

I believe there is incredible potential in this untapped market.


This is a highly experimental project, and I will need to divert resources away from my existing profitable business to produce the framework. To mitigate this factor, I want to raise funds that can be used to fuel production of the framework and the multiplayer games which will utilize it.

While I earn most of my revenue from licensing games to clients, I’m also exploring new monetization opportunities. I have started porting my HTML5 games to native stores such as the App Store and Google Play, and when this networking framework is complete I plan to work on large-scale HTML5 multiplayer games that can be accessed by thousands of players at the click of a button.

A successful multiplayer HTML5 game could be ported to a popular marketplace such as Steam, while also operating as a standalone web game that generates revenue from advertising, in-app purchases, or a subscription model.

These large-scale projects are particularly exciting to me. Multiplayer games are the most rewarding types of projects to work on; I have a long-standing history of building multiplayer games that grew into their own unique communities. Players love multiplayer games, and as a developer I have an undying passion for building them.

My goal was to raise $30,000 for this project. The funding threshold was reached in just 24 hours!

Thanks for reading!


Note: previously existing information has been withdrawn from public view now that funding is complete.