Making Money With HTML5 is a digital book that teaches video game developers how to find financial success with HTML5 web technology, just as I have. Over the past few years, I’ve worked closely with hundreds of companies, my portfolio has been played 70,000,000+ times, and I’ve made US$750,000+ online from simple HTML5 games.

Now I’ve written a guide to share what I learned.


Making Money With HTML5 is a platform-neutral resource that provides everything worth knowing about this lucrative niche market. By utilizing my extensive experience, you’ll be able to avoid the common pitfalls and instead focus on cutting your own slice of the delicious HTML5 pie.

You’ll find a wealth of valuable information in this book, including:

  • Guide to getting started
  • Recommended tools
  • Extensive market overview
  • Proven monetization strategies
  • How to find publishers, negotiate & get paid
  • Detailed analysis of 25+ publishers
  • Plus, much more!

What Are People Saying About It?

A fascinating read. Very informative and very well written. Much more concise than most guides I’ve read without being vague.
The book shows a lot of research and care in presentation. It is a great primer to the overall business and saved me a lot of time.
Making Money With HTML5 was actually a really good read. If you’re on the fence, buy it. It’s worth every penny.

Instant Delivery

Making Money With HTML5 is available for the low price of $39.95 and you can read it today. If you’d like to purchase this book, please place your order by clicking the button below and checkout via credit card or PayPal.

You will instantly receive a digital copy of the book in PDF format.



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  • nabil says:

    If I want to follow the book, can I use 100% online method? Do I need to have direct meeting to client?

    • Hi Nabil – you can easily sell HTML5 games online without any physical meetings. I have licensed my games to hundreds of clients online without meeting them face-to-face.

  • tekdolphin says:

    Hi, True Valhalla

    Just purchased this ebook.

  • Knox says:

    Very interesting to come across!

  • Gil says:

    I have read and enjoyed your book!
    You recommend purchasing Apple products, even older ones. Are they usable, given Apple’s iOS notoriety? If there are issues with newer OSs, how do you address them?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the book! Older iOS devices are certainly still used in significant numbers, and it’s worth maintaining some level of support for older mobile devices of all types.

  • Gil says:

    Hi Matthew
    I’m interested to know if in your book (or elsewhere for the matter) you cover how you decide on which game to make next. Is it market research, a hunch, personal taste?

    • Hi Gil – Making Money With HTML5 includes a chapter on this topic, orientated around utilising market research as well as my own experiences with selling commercially successful HTML5 games.

  • Jaldeep says:

    Does this book work for those who are developing HTML5 Games in Unity?

  • Rob RP says:

    I see GM2 has a lot of licensing options: Creator, which just lets you publish to Windows; Developer Desktop which adds Mac and Ubuntu; Dev Fire for the Amazon Fire; Dev Web which is for HTML5; Dev Mobile for the mobile platforms. Plus a few others.

    I’m assuming for your book, the ideal one here is the Developer Web for $149 since this is for HTML5, correct? Construct2 has a personal license at only $99, but it seems you do a lot with GM, so I’d probably go that route.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Rob – Yes, that’s correct. I recommend a few alternative options in the book, but if you want to use the same tech as me then GMS2 with the Web module is the way to go.

  • Ricardo Fernandez says:

    How is this sent ? If i order the book using paypal I will be using an email that I don’t have access (my fathers paypal, I don’t live in the US but he does), do I get the option to chose how to get the book ? I just don’t want to order and wait few days for him to send me the link/file. Thanks.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Ricardo – the link will be automatically sent to the email linked to the PayPal account. However, if you make a purchase, you can contact me afterwards and I’ll immediately send a new link to your personal email.

  • Correct me if I am wrong, HTML5 games by itself will not work properly on mobile Android and IOS devices. I guess it has to be optimized.
    Will this book show me how to optimize GMS or Construct 2 games or both?

    • Matthew says:

      HTML5 games do work on Android and iOS, but you’re correct that some additional aspects need to be considered and accounted for. These are all discussed in detail in the book; and since you asked about GMS – there is a complete solution available for that (also in the book).

      • Philip Varghese says:

        I am working with school kids, making simple non-commercial community health games (mini games) usng GMS.
        Apart from desktops we would like to reach a wide community base via IOS and Android platforms too.
        Hope your book will help us achieve this goal. :)

  • Budda says:

    Do you cover in-app purchases / free to play models at all ?

    • Matthew says:

      Not in much depth, because they aren’t proven models for HTML5 games yet.

      • Budda says:

        I’m definitely no expert – but read that CocoonJS had in-app monetization capabilities for HTML5 games, at least for ones played on Mobile with Cordova?

  • Mike says:

    Just picked up game maker at crazy discount …(humble bundle has the studio ,all modules and some game source codes for $15)
    Think this purchase is a no brainer.

  • Jan says:

    Hi Matt!
    Just finished your book and it was great. In the pricing section you mentioned some figures you usually charge for your games (both non-exclusive and exclusive). Have you noticed any drop (or rise?) in the general pricing levels over the past years or would you say the average rate per title mentioned in the book is still more or less the same? Just trying to figure out the dynamics and current trends in the market:) Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Jan – I would say the prices are generally accurate based on the numbers that I see on a daily basis. I have just updated the book with fresh stats across the board, too.

  • Marcus says:

    Left prospective career in finance to pursue indie game development.

    I’m hoping this book helps me deal with the perpetual existential crisis.

    pls tell me i didn’t trade in monies for pixels

  • MMFr says:

    Hi Matthew,
    Your book is great.
    But will we receive book pdf update notification?

  • Max says:

    Do you make your money with selling your games or do you use ads?
    Is the better way (and the how) explained in your book?

    • Matthew says:

      Both. Yes, this is explained in the book (in quite a lot of detail).

  • Timo says:

    Hey Matthew,
    I have read that some publisher did not accept html games made with Game Maker (e.g. due to code obfuscation). Did this ever happen to you?

    • Matthew says:

      That has been a problem at times, but if you compile the game in debug mode, copy the files from the temp directory, and make a few small changes it’s fully unobfuscated and useable.

  • Hello! I just purchased your book and can’t wait to read it. I want to create some casual games and get them on the ‘net. The programming part won’t be a problem, but I’m wondering about art assets. I’m not an artist and have no idea how to create great looking graphics to use in my games. Does your book cover anything about this? Do you recommend farming this type of work out?

    • Matthew says:

      There is a section on that in the book. Take a read, and feel free to send me an email if you’d like more advice.

  • James says:

    Defo getting this soon. When you license your games out have you experienced any shady publishers trying to rip you off? I’m going to be new to the whole dealing with sponsors/publishers so I would love to know some tips on what to avoid. Is there stuff like that in the book?

    • Matthew says:

      Most publishers are quite reputable. I have come across a few smaller publishers that I would definitely call “shady” but you just have to be cautious. Don’t hand over your games without upfront payment or a contract if you’re worried about being ripped off. I have included a lot of information about many different publishers in the book.

  • james says:

    hi Matt,

    Is this book suitable for someone with no programming experience? or is this more suited to games designers as to help them branch out on their own?


    • Matthew says:

      Hi James – it’s definitely applicable to programmers and non-programmers alike. It will help you get started on the right path and outline what’s ahead.

  • Aandeel geld says:

    Really cool stuff. Never thought of this.

  • Anthony says:

    This sounds interesting. I’ve read that you’re using C2, have you ever tried Phaser?

    • Matthew says:

      I use GameMaker Studio, not Construct 2. I have tried Phaser and recommend it often.

      • Anthony says:

        Sorry, my mistake. I’m just starting with HTML5 games and still looking for engine. Think I might use Phaser. I’ll be checking your blog regularly. Thanks :)

  • Giochi says:

    Very interesting. I will think about. I just started to add html5 to my website, thanks.

  • Eugen says:

    Thanks Mattew , this ebook made my start in html5 much easier. I am looking forward to the updates .

  • Hey Matt,

    This is nice.

    I will read this book.

    I just got started with html5.

  • Vincent says:

    Hello Matthew,

    I’ve read you book and it’s great content.
    I’ve got a question for you I didn’t found in it: Do you always integrate ads in your game?
    Are sponsors buying non-exclusive license to you always agree?


    • Matthew says:

      I only use ads in the games I host, or in revenue shares (which I rarely participate in). If you sell a non-exclusive license, you will be expected to remove ads from the game.

  • Toolkitz says:

    I bought the book months ago but apparently I got into other endeavors, however i think now’s the time to get into HTML5, but it appears that you have updated the book. How can I get the updated version?

  • so I just bought the book, I should be receiving all future updates yea? not just V2?

  • Jose E Lopez says:

    Good book with valuable info. Looking forward to the update. It would be nice if you could expand on the types of games to be made. Perhaps a ranked list of genres that have worked best for you. A catalog of genres – arcade, puzzle, memory, infinite games vs level based games, etc. Some tips on must have features for publishers like pause buttons, mute buttons, main screens, stage unlock screens if applicable, etc. Your book has a lot of potential to grow with platform neutral content. Best.

  • Adam says:

    I’m interested in buying this e-book. I’ve lost my job and I need to do something. I wanted to know:

    -I’m a PHP, C++ programmer, mainly. Will I find information on how to learn HTML5 properly to make games?
    -For an amateur programmer, will making decent games allow me to earn at least $400 per game?
    -Are there any obstacles you may found during your experience?

    Thanks. In my situation, even $400 would be a miracle.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Adam. I’ve answered your questions individually below.

      1. This isn’t a book that will teach you how to code HTML5, though it does offer some good starter resources if you’re ready to learn. If you already know PHP and C++ you won’t have any trouble.

      2. It depends on a lot of factors. Making good games only gets you so far…there is much more to it, and that’s what the book discusses in detail.

      3. Mostly display issues (especially on Android mobile devices). The solutions I found are again in the book.

      Thanks for your interest. I hope these answers help.

  • toolkitz says:


    I’ve recently had an interest in using the HTML5 platform on GMS and with the sale going on, I will be taking advantage of it. Your ebook intrigues me but I do wish to have this book on the go and my only option when it comes to reading ebooks is my laptop. Is there not physical copy of this book? I don’t have a device that allows me to read PDF files on the go.

    I’ll the book as I need as much information as I can about the subject, but I just want to know if there is an alternative to reading the book other than electronically.

    • Matthew says:

      Hello, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I’m not distributing physical copies of this book. I have no plans to either. As this is a market that is constantly changing, a digital format allows me to keep the information updated and relevant. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • toolkitz says:

        It isn’t my preferred choice but I do understand. I was just hoping there was a physical copy. Nonetheless, I am not deterred at all. Thank you for your response.

  • Derek says:

    Hi.. I notice that quite a few of your html5 games are scored out .. have they been withdrawn or have you sold on the rights? Just curious. I’ll buy your ebook at some point – I just don’t have any current games (maybe just 2) that would suit the html5 platform yet. The thing that puts me off is trying to make a little money from them seems tough.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Derek,

      I’m currently performing maintenance on my games, adding changes across the board to improve consistency. They’ll be available again very soon.

      The good thing about the HTML5 market right now is you can make simple, even generic games and still make money. As long as you can polish a simple concept, there is plenty of potential to monetize it.

  • Mike says:

    I bought the book and learned how the world of HTML5 publishing works from someone who has been there. If you are serious about selling your games, this is a good resource. Highly recommended.

  • Sean Bohan says:

    Any update of the book? My copy lost because of hard disk error, where can I download it now?

    • Matthew says:

      Update is coming; you can send me an email quoting your purchase ID and I’ll send you a new link.

  • Timo says:

    I bought your book and I have one question: Why don’t you build your games for iOS using the iOS exporter? HTML5 has some disadvantages so I was wondering if there is something wrong with the GM Studio iOS export.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi there; I do plan to make games for iOS, in fact I’m currently working on a major project for iPad. The challenge is, you have to invest a lot more time if you want to do well on the App Store, where there is so much competition.

  • I was gonna ask a bunch of questions, but instead… screw it, I’ll just buy the book. I know it’ll be worth it. Mostly I’m interested in Publishing and Distribution… how to get these games seen.

  • Astragames says:

    I bought your book and just finished reading it. It really intrigued me to start making 2-3 HTML5 mini
    games and start applying the monetizing methods you mention.
    I will post again to report the results after I finish them.

  • I’m still in deciding phase.. to buy or not to buy! You see.. my problem is that I have no preview on the book(seeing first 3 pages will help a-lot). I don’t know if your book it’s teaching me something that I don’t know or it’s filled with things that I’ve experienced myself aswell as you did.

    Also if I was you I would make a closed blog or website where only the buyers can access it..and you post there now and then your progress.

    In the end ,,,good job mate! I’m happy to see GM developers making nice money from their hobby!

  • Pablo says:

    Hi, Matthew:

    I’ve got some questions:
    1) Does your e-book information apply to Construct 2 games? Do you recommend to me to use this engine?
    2) Is it more difficult to monetize if you don’t program the games and use that kind of engines or is it the same?
    3) Is your information equally useful for people around the globe (I’m from Spain)?
    4) I see the e-book was published last year. Has anything changed? / Is it updated?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Pablo! I’m glad to answer your questions:

      1) The book is platform neutral, meaning the information is relevant no matter which engine or development method you use. I have a good relationship with the Construct 2 team, Scirra, and I recommend their products whenever I get a chance. I even recommend Construct 2 in the book at one point.

      2) Not at all. I know many developers who are making money with HTML5 using both GameMaker Studio and Construct 2. Most people seems to use an engine or at the least, a framework, for their HTML5 games, and that’s not a problem.

      3) Yes, it certainly is. Just as the book is platform neutral, it is also location neutral.

      4) I’ve been reviewing the book lately to see what information needs updating, and I found it is actually still highly relevant. The information is still just as valuable as it was when it was published, the only difference being that there are more developers on the scene now than there were then.

      I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more, I’m here to help.

  • Francisco Barrera says:

    Hey, I love the work you put into this. I feel happy this market has so great potential.

    I’m pretty interested in getting the Book. When I get the money, I’ll go for it.

    • Matthew says:

      There is definitely a lot of potential here. I’m seeing a lot of people make significant money online for the first time after reading my book, so it’s a market open to everyone, not just a few. There’s even potential outside of game development within the HTML5 field.

  • omegazeroINFI says:

    you mentioned further up the page that it will be getting updated, does this mean people like me who just bought the book will be able to re-download any updates?

  • Philip says:

    Thanks for doing this book Mathew – a lot of good stuff in there – would highly recommend :)

  • Renato says:

    where are your games?

  • tayete says:

    I don’t know if you have already sent the book to the ones who preordered as I haven’t received my copy and I read in your newsletter it has already seen the light.


  • Rick says:

    I feel a little apprehensive.

    Whilst I agree the price is hardly mega bucks, how can I be sure that the information is going to actually help me? Or that it’s not just a load of collated information freely available on the web already and summarised in a single document?

    I don’t wish this to sound insulting or anything so hopefully it doesn’t. I just find myself with my mouse cursor hovering over the PayPal button and nagging feeling of doubt holds me back…

    • Hi Rick,

      I was one of the first developers to begin making and selling commercial HTML5 games back in 2012 when absolutely no information about them existed. With years of work, I’ve compiled a ton of information and acquired a wealth of experience. None of this has come from freely available information because prior to writing this book there was none to speak of. I don’t search for information and collate it – I create it. And of course, having all the knowledge you need to start making money with HTML5 in one place is very useful. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be selling this product if I wasn’t confident that it was worth the money.

  • Batuhan says:

    Thank you for this great blog! I’m very curious about your book as a newbie. I have some quality html5 game projects that are about to complete and not exactly sure how to market them or generally speaking how to make some money of them.

  • Walter Veneros says:

    Hi!!!!. I want know if the cost will be elevate later…

    When one person order, later must pay more money or not?


    • Hello. I don’t plan to make it higher, but I might. It’s very unlikely that I will make it cheaper.

  • ..hi there, i really want to order a copy, but the only payment option is paypal. i don’t want to attach my credit card to my paypal account for security purposes (or i’m just being paranoid); so can i just pay directly using my credit card? thank you.

    • You can actually checkout directly with a credit card from the PayPal payment page. On the right panel, you’ll see a tab that says “Don’t have a PayPal account?” – click that and enter your info, and then you will be able to make a credit/debit payment without a PayPal account.

  • tayete says:

    I just sent the payment!!!

  • Lowren says:

    Just ordered the e-book! I can’t wait to read it.

  • Andrew says:

    Looking forward to checking it out! Thanks for the informative blog posts, too.



  • Nathan Deane says:

    I’ve left university to make games almost-full time. I’m still maintaining a casual job, because something needs to pay the bills until I can really be set up. But this is the exact kind of thing I need. Seeing someone who has done it, has made it, and can at least show me where to start from more of a business standpoint. I can make games, I’ve got that part down. But how does a fun game become dollars? I’ve just ordered your book, here’s hoping I’ll be able to drop my part-time job and do this full time in a couple of months ;)

  • Khyle says:

    Just ordered the book! Thanks!

  • james says:

    One day will these games create a huge game website like kongregate or miniclip?

    • Kongregate already accepts them, and Miniclip will in the near future I believe. So it’s more likely that they will become part of these sites rather than a huge stand-alone site.

      • SilentxxBunny says:

        Kongregate is accepting HTML5 games? How? I tried using their Upload Game form and it was only accepting flash files. Do you need to be specially approved or something?

  • JP Esteban says:

    Just letting you know I ordered your book. Like you, my dream is to be able to earn a living online, making games and writing. I’d like to support you in that, and anybody else who is opposed to “getting a real job.” :)

    • Thanks JP, I hope everything goes well for you! Please feel free to email me for assistance.

  • Faissal says:

    You are epic :D

  • billhons says:

    Do you think I should use Game Maker or Construct 2 to make HTML 5 games?

    • If you have used neither before, try them both. I used GM for years before even finding out about Construct, so I had no reason to change from one to the other by then. But if I was starting off, I’d definitely explore my options.

  • BlaXun says:

    Hiya TrueValhalla,

    BlaXun here… I think I’ll order your e-book. Great job and good luck for all future projects :)

  • Mark says:

    Great idea, Matt. Good luck with it.

  • MadameBerry says:

    As someone who has started working with Construct 2, this is going to be so useful. =3

    • Definitely! This book is also platform-neutral so no matter how you make HTML5 games you can benefit from the information available.

  • Steve says:

    When I get Studio I will definitely be getting this :)

    • Matthew says:

      Sounds like a plan. The book contains a list of the best tools/programs for getting started.

  • Ben says:

    Love your blog (and posts on gmc), so this is a must buy for me. Especially interested in the section about publishers and how to contact them and negotiate.


    • Matthew says:

      Thanks – I’ll continue to add new publishers as the market evolves, too. I plan to maintain this book for years to come (updates are free).