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Learn To Make Games is a digital book that teaches absolute beginners how to make video games. I have been making games for over a decade, and in that time I’ve been unable to find a single resource that truly caters to the absolute beginner – someone who plays and loves games, but has no idea how they are made.

Anyone can make games for fun – or even for a living like I do – and with this book I aim to empower creative individuals who are ready to learn how.


This book provides everything you need to start making games from day one. Learn from an expert and make fun games along the way! You’ll discover a wealth of valuable content, including:

  • Brief history of game development
  • Comprehensive guide to getting started
  • Simple tutorials & clear explanations
  • Fun games that you can make (graphics provided!)
  • icon-mechOverview of useful advanced concepts
  • Tips, tricks, and fascinating insights
  • Plus so much more!

Learn To Make Games is the ultimate step-by-step beginner’s guide.


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